Pille Talpsepp



Pille is responsible for developing Vojčik & Partners alternative dispute resolution practice in Slovakia, concentrating on arbitration, mediation and conciliation. Pille is participating in United Nations Commissions for International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) working groups and publishes academic articles in peer-reviewed journals. Pille has been practicing and developing her skills in commercial law for 10 years and has an experience in construction and property law, environmental law, expropriation and forest law. Pille is participating in academic conferences and continuously engages herself in various non-profit and voluntary activities with an aim to develop international commerce and alternative dispute resolution in Slovakia, Estonia and internationally.

She believes that similarly to a good diagnostician, who needs to acquire a large set of labels for diseases, a good arbitrator needs to acquire a large set of labels for disputes each of which binds an idea of the object of the dispute with a wide range of the factual circumstances which constitute the basis of the dispute (cause of dispute/action), limiting conditions (reservations), possible dispute resolution methods, procedures and techniques in combination with possible developments and consequences and possible interventions to solve the dispute.


  • 2016 - … Vienna International Arbitration Centre, Arbitrator
  • 2016 - … ICC Estonia Intermediary, Consultant
  • 01.01.2008-02.08.2015 LLC Mentonix, Construction Company, Lawyer (0,50)
  • 01.01.2009–31.12.2011 The Office of the Bankrupcy Administrator, Lawyer, Financial and legal analyses of the companies (1,00)
  • 2009 Office of the Chancellor of Justice of the Republic of Estonia, Medical Law, Head of the Project: General medical care for persons not covered with health insurance in Estonia (1,00)
  • 2009 International Law Firm Raidla Lejins & Norcous, Intellectual Property, practice (1,00)
  • 01.01.2007–31.12.2008 Tallinn Court of Appeal, Legal adviser (1,00)


  • 2014–... Tartu University, Faculty of law, Institute of Private Law, doctorate, PhD.
  • 2014–2015 Pavol Jozef Safárik University in Košice, Slovakia, Faculty of law, Institute of Private Law, PhD Studies
  • 2009–2011 Tartu University, Faculty of Law, magister iuris
  • 2006–2009 Tartu University, Faculty of Law, baccalaureus artium


  • 2016-… Member of Arbitral Women - ArbitralWomen is an international non-governmental organization gathering women practitioners active in international dispute resolution.
  • 2010−2011 Tartu University, Faculty of Law, member of the University Council
  • 2009−2015 Estonian Lawyers Union, member
  • 2008−2009 European Law Students Association (ELSA Estonia), president
  • 2003−2004 The Science School of the University of Tartu, mathematics
  • 2002−2004 The Chess School of Paul Keres, member


  • 30 November - 4 December 2015, Vienna United Nations Commission on International Trade (UNCITRAL) Working Group no III, 32nd session on Online Dispute Resolution. Representing FICA – Forum for International Conciliation and Arbitration.
  • 9th - 10th of October 2015 in Bratislava International academic conference organized under the auspices of the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Robert Fico held on the 105th anniversary of a leading Slovak lawyer, prof. JUDr. Štefan Luby, DrSc. Conference presentation on the topic: Arbitration Association as a Legal and Social Instrument for More Efficient and Trustworthy Arbitration.
  • 2010 February Seminar on the Estonian Bankrupcy Law - head of the project
  • 2009 September Internation seminar on Labour Law, organized by Estonian Lawyers Union
  • 2009 July Internation seminar on Human Rights in Finland
  • 2009 May IV International Humanitarian Law Seminar - Cybercrimes
  • 2009 March ELSA International Council Meeting in Montenegro, Budva
  • 2009 February ELSA International Presidents Meeting in Turkey, Istanbul
  • 2008 May III International Humanitarian Law Seminar: Peace by Force, Estonia, Tallinn, member of the organizing group
  • 2008 ELSA International Council Meeting in Portugal, Lisbon (Conference: The Problems of Legal Regulation of Refugee Status by prof. Armando Marques).


  • Languages: Estonian (Native), English (high level), Slovak (medium level), German, Russian, French (basic level).


  • 2014 Pille Talpsepp, SA Archimedes Stipendium, alternative dispute resolution


  • FIELD OF RESEARCH: 2. Culture and Society; 2.7. Law; CERCS SPECIALTY: S142 Judicial law ; SPECIALITY: Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods


  • Talpsepp, Pille (2016). Alternative Dispute Resolution in Post-Socialist Countries – Adequate Institutional Structure as a Prerequisite for Successful Arbitration in an Open Market Economy. CYIL - Czech Yearbook of International Law, Vol. VII., 2016.
  • Talpsepp, Pille (2011). Tagatud nõude õiguslik positsioon saneerimismenetluses, Tartu Ülikool.
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